Loading Multiple Files with ODI part 2:

Hi all, I finally got time to write the second part, life has been so busy as usual. I have put together an in depth documentation, in little detail since this task can be quite difficult and a bit tricky in those hidden tool secrets, hence I felt the need to deep dive in those details. Another thing is , since I don’t normally do advertisement on this blog to keep it clean, I thought it would be fair to charge a symbolic amount for this work which took a several hours to do, I have covered several pre-config steps in the part 1, and in the part 2 is where we make the whole process to successfully happen, this technical manual was developed based on past commercial implementation on client-sites, if you wish to clarify any information or got stuck get in touch.

You Can access the document in here:

Processing Multiple files with ODI dynamically

This technical manual of 32 pages which contains every detailed step to ensure you implement the solution


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