Overview of ODI 12 C

In the 12 C version Oracle has applied several changes in the structure of the tool by adding new features and functionalities, we can name some of those changes, for example: in the 11g version when we map the source table attributes to the target table we used to call that object as “Interface” and in the 12 c version the action of dragging and dropping the source to the target was given the name of “Mapping”,  after that change, ODI developers can talk the same language as other ETL developers, for example, if you had an opportunity to hear an ODI developer talking to a Power Center developer, the power center guy wouldn’t understand what Interface meant in the ODI context, of course if he hadn’t had any contact with ODI at all, but on the other hand an ODI developer could understand “Mappings” which is a term mostly used by other ETL tools such as power center. The fact that in ODI we used to call mappings as “interface” was especially because Sunopsis was mainly built for an event-based integration in SOA environments where the term interface was widely used, but enhanced to be batch load later on for incredibly high volumes of data as well, long story there!

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