How to fix an Ip address on Windows server

After setting up the virtual Box and before we proceed to install the applications (oracle Database, ODI, OBIEE), in the next posts we will prepare the server. You may run any OS on top of that server/machine as we mentioned before, it can be Oracle Linux (ideally), Unix, Solaris, Windows server etc… whatever your preference is, you will need an IP adress, in this post I will use windows for the ease of demo.

When you fix an IP address you also need to edit the HOST file and add a network adapter (loop back adapter) .

Fixing the IP address is really straight forward when you need to setup an environment yourself for demo, Proof of concept, tests,  but when you need to implement/install in a corporate environments the infrastructure team  will provide you with a Server/Host with these settings in place(at least is expected), below I walk you through the steps:

1-Go to control panel and click “Device manager”

2- Go to the root node and right click, second, just click “add legacy hardware”:

  • Click next :
  •  Choose the default option and click next, next: 
  • Select “Network adapters” and click next :
  • From the below list, on the left panel, select ”Microsoft” and in the right panel select “ Loop back Adapter ” and click next :

Click “next”   

  • Installation completed, now we fix the IP and edit the Host File and restart the server
  • Go to the “Open network and sharing center” option:
  • Click on Change adapter setting and right click on the “Loop back adapter”, go to properties and choose the option “Internet protocol ”IPV4” :
  • Click in properties again:
  • We will see the following screen, at the moment it is as DHCP, if we try to install OBIEE or Even the Database it won’t work properly , We need to fix an IP address,  select the option ”use the following IP address”
  • Define the IP address, subnet mask(this is the default number) , default gateway and DNS, after that click ok and close:
  • Open the Command prompt and type “ipconfig” you will be able to see the IP address We ve just added:
  • Now the last step : navigate to the following directory and edit the host file as shown below:

  • We define the IP, name of the host and a domain, example below, note that this is important , especially for OBIEE, if you don’t perform this step your OBIEE install will fail:

Quick test, open CMD and ping the domain:

That is it, we now can install the DB and OBIEE and any other software .

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