Virtual Box part 3

Hi all, this is a sequence of a series of posts about setting up an Oracle BI environment with an Oracle database along with ODI & OBIEE 11g .

In this post I will install the OS on top of a VM. To do that we need to attach the OS image to the  Virtual machine that we have previously created.

select the VM created in the previous steps and click “Settings” : 

  • Click on storage:

  • Click on “Controller:SATA”

  • Click on “add optical drive” :

  • Map the disk:


  • Point to the OS image :

  • After attaching the Image to the VM , right click on VM name and start it, you should see a screen like the one below:
  • Set the system options:

  • Click install:

  • Choose “ Standard(Full installation) ” and accept the term, click next:
  • Choose “Advanced”

  • You can see the space allocated and click next:

  • Install in progress:

  • Install completed 100%:

  • Login for the first time:

You will need to create a shared folder from the host to the VM so that you can share your files for several kinds of tasks (file sharing, installation and etc…) or you can download the exec’s when logged in the VM.

In the next post I will demonstrate how you can quickly fix an IP address on the server .


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